SnatchBot: Enhancing Consumer Experience with Chatbots

SnatchBot: Enhancing Consumer Experience with Chatbots

SnatchBot TeamEquipo de SnatchBot, 02/10/2017

In 2016, Snatch Group Ltd. launched SnatchBot, a bot framework platform that provides tools for building conversational chatbots intended to enhance the consumer experience. Our company, along with others that have emerged recently, is poised at the forefront of innovation by providing bot-building tools and technology that make it easy for developers and enterprises to build and deploy bots.

In this article, we’ll talk about the benefits of bots, a bit about our company, our product, and where we expect to see these tech trends head in the near future.


SnatchBot in the bot industry.

The bot industry is still fairly young, yet rapidly advancing. Many businesses have recognized their usefulness, and over the last year or two bots have grown to become the hot commodity in the tech world.

In 2016, following announcements from several of the largest OTT (over-the-top) consumer messaging apps that plan to incorporate bots into their platforms, chatbots reached the mainstream. Enterprise messaging platforms have also joined the bot bandwagon, and as the popularity of bots increased, so did the number of ventures providing the public with bot-building tools. Most of these early-stage start-ups are still in beta, but some—like us, here at SnatchBot—are already available.

SnatchBot is an Israel-based privately-funded company with more than ten full-time employees. It was founded in January of 2015, and our bot-building platform launched in 2016. We created SnatchBot with the goal of enabling conversational chatbots that enhance the customer experience.

Snatchbot fits the profile of an early-stage startup: the company is bootstrapped and just recently emerged from beta. It has a healthy roster of trial accounts, and we expect it will begin generating revenue this year.


Our Bot Platform

Snatchbot has several hundred clients at different stages and across several verticals; despite only recently emerging from beta, we project to begin generating revenue this year. We launched our public beta in June 2016, and by mid-August announced the full availability of the SnatchBot platform.

We focus especially on supporting use cases for customer service, engagement, consumer onboarding, and automating presales. The SnatchBot platform provides bots and bot-like services for enterprises seeking assistance at each stage of a consumer experience.

Here are a few of the key features of the SnatchBot platform:

  • Our simple graphical user interface allows users to build complex templates via drag-and-drop methods.

  • Snatchbot modules can be integrated to perform such tasks as manipulating and storing data, HTTP calls, filtering, and creating rich media output for networks such as Slack and Facebook Messenger.

  • SnatchBot allows online payments directly within the flow of a conversation.

  • Users can integrate bots with multiple messaging networks, such as Twilio, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Slack, and Skype, to name a few.

  • SnatchBot’s services include taking payments, tracking users, analyzing behaviour, and building qualified leads.



A critical difference that sets our platform apart from others is our “no coding required” approach, which targets line-of-business users rather than only developers. We provide the important building blocks for a bot, which in turn enables our clients to build and deploy their chatbots faster than platforms that target developers.


The SnatchBot Strategy

SnatchBot is initially targeting companies in the US and Europe, though we have clients creating accounts from all over the world, with a significant amount of interest from Asian companies. Our platform is ideal for enterprises that are seeking to take advantage of the most recent NLP (natural language processing) technology, build and prove business models, integrate with multiple messaging applications, and improve workflow.


Our Competition

As would be expected, Snatchbot competes with other bot-building start-ups, like conversational commerce platform; Chyme, a bot and messaging platform launched in June 2016; and, a bot-building platform that was launched in April and emerged from beta in June. SnatchBot is also a competitor in the field of NLP services for developing conversational user interfaces, such as, and Recast.AI. 



However, SnatchBot has already created bots for some of the world's premier brands, including Interactive FXTata Computers Limited, Fabco Automotive Corporation, Veolia, and NEOPOST, to name a few. Our revolutionary approach blends the smartest ML (machine-learning) and AI (artificial intelligence) technologies with a peerless conversational design. Our goal at SnatchBot is to make the process of building your own chatbot as easy and user-friendly as possible for anyone, regardless of the size of your business, user base, or industry.

If you’d like more information or to start building your own bot for free, we invite you to visit us at today.