Chatbots are the Next Big Thing in Customer Communication

Chatbots are the Next Big Thing in Customer Communication

SnatchBot TeamEquipo de SnatchBot, 03/10/2017

We are currently experiencing one of the biggest developments of communication in history. The advancement of mobile technology now allows for instant dialogue worldwide, be it through text messaging, phone, or even video calling. Widespread access to mobile devices enables users to have instant access to information.

While this has been beneficial as a whole for mankind, there is one particular drawback for business; in a world where people depend on immediacy, the expectation of service increases. Social media, mobile tech and internet access, have raised the bar for fast, personalised, responsive customer service at any time, from anywhere.

A few years ago, the prediction was that apps would be the new face of communication—and for a short while, they were. However, recent studies have shown that app usage is dwindling, and businesses are now turning to a different method of reaching customers: the chatbot.



Chatbots, automated software that responds conversationally to text, have already been helping businesses meet service needs, and in the last two years, their popularity has been skyrocketing. Bots are able to provide fast, efficient responses at any time, twenty-four hours a day, and expectations are that the impact they will have on the customer service industry will only grow. 

Today’s technology allows consumers to have more than a modicum of control over a brand; each customer has the ability to instantly communicate an experience with other potential customers in seconds. To meet consumers’ demands, a business can no longer rely only on traditional communications to engage their users; they must adapt, even if that means less time and resources spent on mobile apps that were recently considered the way of the future.

This is where chatbots come in. Bots are not a new technology; they have actually been around for decades, but are just now emerging as a way to bridge a gap between fast, efficient customer service and consumers’ expectations thereof.

As a society, we’ve become accustomed to getting things fast. With almost anything available with a single click, if we can’t get what we want from one place, we’ll go elsewhere. In order to keep up with this increasingly demanding consumer base, brands are turning to chatbots as a new paradigm in communications. Not only are bots able to respond quickly and effectively, but they enable businesses to interact with customers in a meaningful way.

As Mr Avi B., founder of the SnatchBot platform, explains:

“…Savvy consumers have come to expect a personalized, seamless way to get answers to their questions or find products they’re looking for in real-time. Chatbots, integrated into messaging platforms, offer a way to do this that is both cost-effective and simple. Snatchbot is well-positioned to further help companies to create their own bots quickly, securely, and to have them for free.”

The goal at Snatchbot is to make the process of building your own chatbot as easy and user-friendly as possible for anyone, regardless of the size of your business, user base, or industry.

Front-end development with SnatchBot means you can directly build, test and deploy your chatbot easily.

Deploying a bot comes down to one factor: improving a customer’s experience. Beyond that are the considerations of savings and the possibility of new revenue, but ultimately the purpose of implementing a bot is to make things more intuitive, faster, and easier for the consumer.

These days, brands have become more customer-centric than ever before. Research shows that today’s consumer is fickle; 65% of customers admit they would cut ties with a brand due to a single negative experience. Moreover, social media and the internet have given every person their own soapbox with which to share their complaints on easily accessible platforms

To that end, SnatchBot allows you to sync across chat channels, which means that a user can start a conversation on Facebook Messenger, continue on a website, and end in SMS with no interruption. Not only is SnatchBot the only platform on the market today that enables this sort of seamless communication, but it facilitates user-friendliness in a way that is not disruptive to the customer’s experience.



Chatbots represent a new opportunity, in the form of not-so-new technology, to improve the ways in which they serve their customers. The current goal of most businesses that deploy bots is not to offer incomparable service, but rather to decrease negative experiences. However, if the current trend of employing bots is any indication of the future, we can expect that chatbots may evolve to a level that can offer peerless service quickly, efficiently, and at any time.