Critical Announcement: Facebook Messenger Is Not Allowing New Bots (Temporary)

Critical Announcement: Facebook Messenger Is Not Allowing New Bots (Temporary)

SnatchBot TeamEquipo de SnatchBot, 27/03/2018

As you may have already heard, Facebook is working hard to improve their platform after the recent news from Cambridge Analytica. This is a good thing.

You can read more about Cambridge Analytica on the New York Times and by watching Mark Zuckerberg speak on CNNMoney.

At a high level, Facebook’s API use to allow you to collect information not just on the person connecting to your Facebook App, but you could also pull information from all of that person’s friends (so for every person connecting to your app you could get access to data on hundreds or even thousands of people).

Facebook’s data practices are now being investigated by the FTC, and as a result, Facebook has announced that they are doing a full data audit on thousands of Facebook Apps to see if there are any other instances of companies like Cambridge Analytica abusing the system.

You can read more about the FTC investigation on CNBC.

As of yesterday, Facebook is no longer allowing new bots on their platform. According to Facebook, this halt on bots (and Facebook apps in general) is supposed to only last a few weeks while they complete their internal audits. We are confident that they will allow new bots and apps after this period, but we do not have specifics on how long this will take.

You can read Facebook’s official statement on their Messenger blog.


What does this mean?

  • If your Facebook page does not currently have a bot, you will not be able to add one.
  • If your Facebook page has a bot, and you disconnect it, you will not be able to add it back.
  • So for the moment, you won't be able to create new Messenger chatbots on SnatchBot (or in fact any other platform).

When can we add new bots and Messenger experiences?

  • In a few weeks. 

What if my business needs a bot within the next month?

  • All other channels are available on the SnatchBot Platform, so you can still create Webchat, Skype, Slack, SMS (Twilio) and E-mail bots.

Is this the end of bots?!

  • Not at all! We and Facebook have seen first hand that conversational marketing has a major impact on the relationship between businesses and consumers.

I just want to read lots and lots and lots of article about chatbots, what do I do?!

  • Ah! Well then, you should probably start by checking out our blog page for the newest articles!

I hope you all have a fantastic day and thank you for your continued support!


The SnatchBot Team