We Need To Chat-a-Bot Health Care
NewsNoticias, 24/11/2017
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If you’ve ever had to go on to a healthcare organisation’s website to find information, you’ve probably had a frustrating experience. Even the best are hard to navigate to reach the precise information you want. But that’s about to change thanks to the chatbot revolution, as I found when talking to Henri Ben Ezra, CEO of Snatchbot.me

What would be the first benefit of chatbots for the healthcare industry?

Chatbots are interactive.

At the moment most healthcare organisations have a passive relationship to their clients when it comes to communication. The client searches the website unaided. There has been some attempt to provide information via alternate platforms, but this often worsens the problem rather than improving it because of a lack of interoperability between applications.

Most organisations, including hospitals and medical practices, have done little to advance their client communications systems. Often their best effort is a question and answers page on a website. This is very limiting and patients are frustrated. Now for the revolution. With a chatbot the conversation goes back and forth, allowing the client to navigate towards information they want with great precision. Users and caregivers are made to feel empowered. Using a chatbot they receive a better and simpler to operate — through speech — information provider which works in real time, answering the questions on the spot. This is efficient, responsive and inclusive.

Not only do consumers want quick easy access to information but they want the interaction to be engaging and personal. This is where chatbots have a real advantage. The user is made to feel they are included in the process of their health. Patients who feel included, who are interacting through chatbots with the healthcare system, will stay with the system, and that is important for them and the healthcare provider.

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We Need To Chat-a-Bot Health Care
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