Personal Interaction, the Missing Ingredient of eCommerce
NewsNoticias, 24/11/2017
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The fast growth of digital sales has utterly disrupted the retail arena. The location-based chain's stores are severely shaken, and it is time for eCommerce companies to give them the knockout blow. Today, nobody is wondering why malls are closing so fast. The reasons are just too obvious.

Going to the mall today is like using a typewriter and a corrector. With eCommerce, even the dopamine rush is better. Mall shopping is fun, but I get the same amount of instant gratification after receiving the order confirmation email and don’t get me started on finding and opening the package on my doorstep.

The online store is a corporate pen pal, who never lets you down and always sends you a pack full of goodies. There is no way you can compare that with queuing at the store register or being crushed in the Black Friday stampede.


Disadvantages of the eCommerce concept

Still, even the eCommerce model isn’t perfect. We should all admit that, before trying to improve our businesses. That is why I am not writing this article as a chatbot copywriter, eCommerce or marketing professional. In the open market society, we are all consumers first. While attempting to sell our products and services, we often forget to take the consumer’s stance.

From the consumer's point of view, the two most important disadvantages of online shopping are:

  1. You can’t try, touch, smell or feel the products you are buying
  2. When purchasing online, you don’t engage in a conversation with the seller

The first issue seems to be much more difficult to address. Still, many online retailers offer money-back guarantees and allow their customers to return the products at company’s expense. This is not the perfect solution, but it works. The return process can be costly for the firm and time-consuming for customers. Miraculously, these two disadvantages often cancel each other out.

In this article, we will focus on the second problem. Some people don’t view the lack of personal interaction as a disadvantage. That is because they are used to receiving cold responses from uninformed chain store employees.

Small stores in rural areas, on the other hand, are an entirely different story. There, the salesperson is also a neighbour and a friend. There’s no way that these customers will choose an online store over their local shop, even if you cut prices in half, give them gazillions of coupon codes and send the goods by drone (along with a free six-pack of their favourite beer).

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Personal Interaction, the Missing Ingredient of eCommerce
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