SnatchBot taking Europe and Asia by Storm
NewsNoticias, 17/08/2017
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Berlin Bot Summit

On June 26, Berlin was the host of one of the largest chatbot summits in Europe. This was the main European event for all chatbot enthusiasts, and a lot of companies and professionals from all around the world paid a visit to the summit to network with important people and learn about the latest innovations and trends within the industry.

One of the brands that made a noticeable appearance was SnatchBot, a young company from Asia, based in Israel. Despite of the fact that this company was founded in 2015 by Henri Ben Ezra who is the managing director, the company started attracting attention right away. Not only did they participate in the summit, but they were also one of the companies that sponsored the whole event.

The SnatchBot company was initially focused on developing workflow tools, but soon after the company was founded, they switched to developing solutions that will allow enterprises to easily develop bots that they will use to improve their organizations. During this short period, the company was able to develop their SnatchBot platform that allows enterprises in various industries to improve employee interaction and customer engagement.

The company developed their platform for businesses rather than developers and it doesn’t require any coding to be used. Simply put, their goal was to enable companies to create chatbots on their own and use them as they wish, without needing any coding knowledge. This new approach is a hot opportunity for all businesses that have special needs to develop their own bots, without having to invest a lot of time or money.

Some of the key advantages of the SnatchBot platform is that it allows bots that are built to work seamlessly on various channels without any issues. Not only this, but this platform is also supported by a tracking tool, which allows an organization to track all the important performance parameters of the bot on multiple channels and in real time.

What was really amazing about the SnatchBot platform is the fact that it has so many useful integrations including Trello, Salesforce, Twitter, Twilio and other. A lot of businesses were amazed by all of the opportunities this platform has to offer.

On top of that, the company showed that they mean to do business with everyone, everywhere, given the fact that their platform is supported for many languages apart from English, including Chinese, German, Russian, Japanese, Arabic and many others.


SnatchBot Team

During the summit, the people from SnatchBot talked about their platform and explained how it can be used and what benefits it provides to users. They explained that their biggest focus was on making everything simple and without any unnecessary complications. SnatchBot stated that they feel like this industry is still too limited, because bots are simply a complicated subject for a lot of non-related organizations, and that their goal is to provide things with a simple solution that people will be able to use easily.

Their web-based platform allows developers and enterprises to build their own bots easily, even if they lack the coding knowledge. Users just have to register on their official website and start building their own bot. The whole process is so simple that it resembles creating characters in video games. The first step is to give the bot a name and select a template for its interface and functionalities.

The SnatchBot company has demonstrated how their platform works during the summit and how it is possible to customize bot building using an interaction process. This bot-development platform demonstrated that it blends smoothly with an AI while being accompanied by a comprehensive interface through which users can perform all the important customizations.

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SnatchBot taking Europe and Asia by Storm
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