Five Must Have Web Features in 2018
NewsNoticias, 21/12/2017
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Is the copyright year at the bottom of your website looking out of date? Are customers not finding what they need on your web pages? As web design and features continue to evolve, improving readability, information access and visual flair, your site should be take advantage of them.

Check out what will be essential in 2018. The overall drive seems to be for simpler-looking sites that do more, and new features like PWAs, AR, scroll effects and chatbots will lead that charge.


Progressive Web Apps cross the mobile/PC divide

Never mind the mobile vs desktop web argument, progressive apps are here to stay in 2018. Providing benefits to both mobile users and site owners, here’s why progressive web apps (PWAs) are worth investing in now. They just work, there’s no need to develop an iOS app and then an Android app, and then update the iOS app’s code base when Apple changes the rules. Progressive web apps work on any device and automatically adjust to the right screen size.

PWAs provide users with standard app-like interfaces along with the usual furniture of an app, working at the speed of a website, vital for conversions or engagement, while data resides on web servers or databases, reducing the need for duplication.


Chatbots are now an essential feature

Chatbot use on websites, in Facebook Messenger and other communications services, grew fast in 2017. But that’s nothing as to use in 2018 and beyond. With the test cases proven and results coming in, chatbots have shown their value. Data from SnatchBot’s 30 million interactions shows an 80% success rate with education, IT, e-commerce, legal and customer services among the leading use-case verticals.

Chatbots can help provide information up-front without visitors having to dig through your website. They can help sell products or services and take bookings or appointments into your calendar app. And, unlike a lot of web technology, chatbots need not be an expensive investment. You can build a fully functional chatbot for free using SnatchBot, who offer an easy-to-build, script-based, product with analytics freely deployable on, mobile apps or social media services.

SnatchBot offers a set of templates from for the above mentioned and other use cases to help businesses of all sizes get started. Scripts can be evolved based on the instant feedback from the analytics tools and user satisfaction levels. Many other bot-building services are available all the way up to IBM and Salesforce tools, but chatbots remain one technology that is surprisingly accessible to any business.

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Five Must Have Web Features in 2018
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