SnatchBot Disrupts the Market with Free Automated Speech Chatbots
NewsNoticias, 14/11/2018
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Away from the norm, and vividly standing clear from the regular upgrades to chatbots, SnatchBot is taking the game to a much more advanced level. The new free automated speech recognition feature stands as a multi advanced feature for chabots on the SnatchBot platform. This is one of the best AI linked developments in tech right now.

The voice recognition feature by SnatchBot does not only give the market the fiercest competition ever: the feature breaks all boundaries to become the most important upgrade to happen to bots generally.

SnatchBot’s contribution to ‘Conversational Artificial Intelligence’ proves to show particular concern for users with visual impairments and serves as spice in experience for users looking for something off the hook. With the ability to replay, download, and even manage the volume levels, now you can play the audio file of bot messages at your convenience. The accessibility feature makes talking to your chatbot feel like having a conversation with human.

High tech features requiring no technical skills:

When it comes to the seamless building of bots from scatch to polish, without having to bother with codes and other sophisticated coding processes – SnatchBot takes all the credit. It is in the same vein that the speech recognition feature that rocks the market comes in. You won’t have to write any special codes or do anything, the feature has been perfectly simulated and embedded in the SnatchBot platform. 

Just how easy will it be to use free automated speech recognition?

I asked Avi Ben Ezra, the founder of SnatchBot about the ease of use. He said the following: “Using the new free automated speech recognition feature isn’t exactly the hardest thing to do – this is precisely why the market adoption rate will be very fast. In fact, it is as simple as learning ABC. SnatchBot has put all hands on deck just so you can have the powerful voice interactive feature for free. It is very easy to include in your interaction too.”

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SnatchBot Disrupts the Market with Free Automated Speech Chatbots
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