How SnatchBot created a next-generation chatbot platform
NewsNoticias, 11/12/2018
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Solving key industry challenges in an intelligent way can usually help to make the world a better place. Some of the biggest challenges to increase the adoption rate of chatbots in business communication include multi-channel integration, the ability of chatbots to really understand and speak human language and off course enabling ordinary folks without years of training to successfully deploy an intelligent chatbot in a short time.

It would seem that Snatchbot addressed key industry needs to facilitate a revolution in the deployment of chatbots, as discussed in the media. Let’s take a closer look at how they are doing it:


Multi-channel integration:


People want to use their preferred channel of communication. No customer wants to download a specified app for the sake of communicating with a company. If they have whatsapp, wechat or skype installed on their device, that’s what they want to be using also to connect with customer service or sales. Snatchbot integrates with most mainstream channels. When thinking of how to enable omni-channel presence, a newly deployed chatbot can kill two birds with one stone as it also upgrades the business to AI and automation.


Understanding humans better:


In every industry there is a tipping point. For chatbots, that point is when bots become more efficient than many of the humans we recruit. Let’s explain: Indeed when customer service is managed in-house by a 24/7 facility with the same culture and native language, your company may get the best results but at a very high cost. However we are now seeing chatbots that understand humans better than many outsourced call center services that are located abroad – effectively making this obsolete. Thanks to a deep-learning algorithm, the bot you deploy today, will evolve as customer data increases.

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How SnatchBot created a next-generation chatbot platform
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