Chatbots Raise Their Hands in the Education Space
NewsNoticias, 16/05/2019
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Chatbots Raise Their Hands in the Education Space


Chatbots are a key customer service and perfect for the messenger-happy younger generation in school and college. They help deal with the many queries they have from course advice, lecture locations, personal and health help and choosing their next educational steps.

Bots are rolling out in schools, universities and other educational institutions around the world at a rapid pace. One of the latest to adopt an AI chatbot is Staffordshire University, but new rollouts are popping up every week.

Staffs Uni’s Beacon bot as one of the latest shows the improvement in scope and capabilities of bots. Available as an iOS or Android app, it is badged as “an intelligent digital coach to guide and help you through your university experience, learning more and more skills and knowledge over the years to come.”

Features include:

  • Request important documents
  • Get answers to common questions across all our services (Careers, Counselling, Digital, Library and Student Services)
  • Search the staff directory
  • Find out when and where your next lecture is
  • Order a new student card
  • Search the societies and clubs you can join
  • See campus maps
  • Directly contact your personal tutor

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Chatbots Raise Their Hands in the Education Space
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