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Create Your Hospitality Bot using the SnatchBot platform
SnatchBot TeamEquipo de SnatchBot, 18/10/2017
In this video, we will show you a Customised Bot that Hospitality Companies can build. With the SnatchBot Hospitality Bot Template, Hospitality Companies can revolutionize their customers' experience. ​​​​​  
The Place for Bots in Education
SnatchBot TeamEquipo de SnatchBot, 03/10/2017
There’s no question that education faces its fair share of issues—chief among them, a hesitation or even inability to adopt new technology that could assist not only students but teachers and administrators as well. Though many other industries have begun to use chatbots to assist with a wide variety of tasks, the educational sector has not quite reached a level at which it recognizes the poten...
5 Ways That Your Brand Can Benefit with a Chatbot
SnatchBot TeamEquipo de SnatchBot, 02/10/2017
When people hear the term “chatbot,” they typically think of an automated text-based response program—and while they’re not wrong, this is a big underestimation of bots’ capabilities. As more and more businesses are deploying chatbots, they’re beginning to see them for what they really can be, which is a powerful marketing tool. The ways in which bots are being used by businesses today make up ...
Chatbot Use Case Examples in Business, Part 2
SnatchBot TeamEquipo de SnatchBot, 02/10/2017
As you can tell from the title, this post is the second part of a two-part exploration of use cases, or the identification of entity-specific requirements—in this case, for the construction and deployment of a chatbot for your business. Chatbots are enjoying a surge in popularity as of late, but the question for many businesses is, will the return on investment be worthwhile? Furthering our exa...
Omni-Channel and Bots: The New Wave of e-Commerce
SnatchBot TeamEquipo de SnatchBot, 02/10/2017
The New Wave of e-Commerce As technology advances, new innovations become ingrained into our daily lives. One needs only to look at mobile phones to realize just how much technology can change behaviour, and enterprises need to adapt in kind. Currently, we tend to deal in a variety of digital experiences—mobile, desktop, various apps and programs—but if recent trends are any indication, we’re ...
Bot Banking: Revolutionizing Financial Strategies
SnatchBot TeamEquipo de SnatchBot, 02/10/2017
Widespread usage of digital channels has brought about a significant change in many industries, particularly for financial institutions. Consumers are driving the way that interactions are handled, and they expect that banks will revolutionize their approach in the same way that retail outlets and tech enterprises have already begun to do. Leaders in financial services are now recognizing the ...
Bots are Transforming the Airline Experience
SnatchBot TeamEquipo de SnatchBot, 02/10/2017
Airlines, unfortunately, are typically renowned for stories of poor customer service experiences. Miscommunications, delays, overbooking and other issues tend to plague the airline industry, and while many are vying to offer top-notch service, there is always room for improvement. Some airlines have already taken to employing chatbots to assist in all manner of ways—instant access to reservati...
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